Mechanical face cleansing 90 min / 150-.

Mechanical face cleansing is done manually, as opposed to machine cleansing, and consists of deep cleansing of skin from blackheads and comedones with the use of cosmetics and cosmetological instruments.

Mechanical face cleansing is necessary is you have:

  • dull complexion
  • enlarged pores
  • clogged pores
  • acne eruption (mature pustules)
  • comedones (blackheads)
  • miliums (whiteheads)
  • sebaceous plugs

Combined face cleansing 90 min / 150-.

Combined face cleansing stipulates combination of a few methods of skin treatment aimed at getting optimal effect. Combined face cleansing is meant for deep cleansing of problem areas. First, upper layers of impurities are removed by ultrasonic or vacuum cleansing followed by manual face cleansing.  

Only combined face cleansing can deeply clean problem areas and gently treat sensitive areas.

Vacuum face cleansing - 90 min / 150-.

Vacuum face cleansing is machine cleansing by a vacuum therapy device. Negative pressure in the vacuum fitting increases blood flow and skin blood circulation, opens the pores and relieves them of impurities (dead cells, excess skin oil, comedones, etc.). In addition, the treatment provides good lymphatic and toning effect, normalizes oil gland functioning and improves complexion.

Ultrasonic cleansing - 90 min / 150-.

Ultrasonic cleansing evens skin surface, cleans the pores, which results in the fact that the renewed skin starts “breathing” and becomes smooth and glowing.


Deincrustation, or galvanic face cleansing - 15.-

This is a method of deep skin cleansing with the use of weak direct current.

The method allows easy removal of comedones – buildups resulting from pore clogging with a mixture of skin oil, dead cells and microorganisms. There are open and closed comedones.  Open comedones are blackheads, which have contact with the environment, while closed comedones are deep-seated whiteheads without contact with the environment.  

Comedones not only look bad but, after a certain period of time, start getting inflamed, since skin oil and dead cells are perfect media for microorganism existence and reproduction. This results in ugly pimples, which, depending on the process intensiveness, can leave scars. Therefore, comedones have to be removed promptly, and deincrustation is a very good method for the purpose.  

The treatment is suitable even for sensitive skin. Depending on the skin type the cosmetologist chooses optimal deincrustation schedule for each individual.  The result is visible after the first treatment, and regular treatments allow forgetting about problem skin for good.  

Alginate face masks                         

  • nourish the skin;
  • have anti-inflammatory and immune modulating properties;
  • remove toxins;
  • have vasoconstrictor effect resulting in elimination of skin erythema and rash;
  • stabilize the amount of fatty tissue, split excess fats, which is very good for getting rid of double chin and jowl;
  • normalize mineral balance at cell level;
  • restore protective skin function.

Vegetable alginate masks are enriched with different components, plant extracts and juices — ginger, chamomile, aloe, green tea. They efficiently moisturize and nourish the skin and deep cleanse the pores. - 20 min / 30-.   

Chitosan (moisturizing) mask includes chitosan — aminosugar produced from shellfish shell. This alginate mask is salvation for very dry and flaky skin. It hydrates well and lifts folds thus evening out the face contour. - 20 min / 30-.   

Collagen (rejuvenating) mask is able to slow down skin ageing, sine alginate masks include collagen, which is responsible for epidermis elasticity and bounce. The purpose of this mask is lifting, hydration, wrinkle reduction and rejuvenation. - 20 min / 40-.   

Therapeutic Jacquet massage facilitates oil gland functioning, relieves the skin of comedones and miliums, reduces inflammation in case of acne. Beside that, Jacquet pinch massage improves circulation in the treated area, stimulates trophic processes, and improves tissue regeneration and renewal.


The massage should not be done on broken skin, or in the presence of the skin empyesis or herpes. Other counter-indications include chronic dermatosis (psoriasis), allergic diseases and atopic eczema. Jacquet massage cannot be done on the face in case of neuralgia, tri-facial nerve inflammation or couperosis.

10 min / 20-. 


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