Unwanted hair is an issue of concern for nearly every woman. We will help you solve this problem. In our center you will be offered the following techniques:

SOPRANO ICE - A painless, new-generation, enhanced diode laser. Treatments can be equally performed in summer.
BLISS Center of Beauty and Relaxation utilizes Alma Laser’s “Soprano ICE” diode laser (2015, prod. Israel), which was awarded Best Laser Hair Removal 2015 at The Aesthetic Industry Awards due to its veritable painlessness.

The Soprano ICE™ applies the Super Hair Removal (SHR) system, which achieves good results for fair hair types. The treatment can be also performed in summer and on tanned skin. The Soprano ICE™ new generation diode laser uses a completely new patented technology called the SHR (Super Hair Removal) which is designed for a safe, effective and virtually painless laser hair removal. The SHR Principle: the hair follicle is affected not only by the laser beam, but also by the laser’s thermal energy, which accumulates in the hair follicle until the optimum temperature for the follicle’s damage is obtained. Upon reaching the required temperature, the hair follicles get destroyed. In other words, the hair follicle gets penetrated by up to 10 impulses until it gets completely destroyed. Thus, the SHR technology provides a more efficient destruction of the hair follicle and prevents a subsequent hair growth. Differences between the enhanced Soprano ICE™ version and the Soprano lasers of the previous generation:

  • A reinforced SHR technology diode laser of 810 nm, which provides an impact of equal temperature on the deep skin layer, expediting the result and making it more efficient.
  • Now, you can carry out your beauty treatment in summer and on tanned skin. The procedure is suitable for all skin types.
  • The treatment is almost painless. The laser hair removal procedure is pleasant like a hot stone massage, or just causes a nice feeling of warmth. At the same time, there is a pleasant feeling of cold due to the inbuilt cooling system.
  • The treatment procedure requires much less time.
  • An enhanced ergonomic design provides easy access to previously inaccessible areas, such as eyebrows, ears, nostrils or the bikini line.
  • Procedures are also suitable for light thin body hairs. Cost effectiveness of the laser hair removal: laser hair removal procedures are carried out 2-3 times less often than depilatory waxing. Thus, the laser hair removal procedure would be even cheaper for those who perform depilatory waxing on a regular basis.

What can I expect after a laser hair removal?

Even after the first laser hair removal procedure, the hairs do not grow in, they start to grow straight, and spots disappear. After a course of treatments, epilation-related skin damage, as well as rashes, disappear; the skin becomes much smoother. As a result of the laser hair removal, 85-95% of hairs get destroyed. The hair growth cycle consists of three successive phases: growth, resting and shedding. The hair is subject to the greatest impact in the growth phase. Therefore, to achieve the best results, a complete course of treatments is required to ensure the impact on all the hair follicles.

Is the effect from the laser hair removal permanent?

Yes, it is. The hair does not grow from the destroyed hair follicle; though, occasionally, it is recommended to perform maintaining treatments. Most clients carry them out once a year.

How many Soprano Ice laser hair removal treatments are required?

The skin condition improves significantly after the first Soprano Ice laser hair removal treatment, however, to achieve the best result, a course of 6 - 8 treatments performed every 4-12 weeks is recommended.

What should I know before performing the first Soprano Ice diode laser treatment?

  • Within 1 month before the treatment do not pull out or wax-remove the hairs. Such methods of hair removal in which the roots remain intact, i.e. shaving or grooming, are allowed. The treatment procedure requires clean skin; hairs should be shaved either the same day, or the evening of the previous day. Note: It is not recommended to shave facial hairs -- it is better to groom them.
  • The treatment can be performed on tanned skin in summer.
  • Sunbathing or solarium frequentation 15 days before and after the treatment is not recommended.
  • Do not apply irritating agents such as glycolic acid, retinoids, etc. on the skin one week before the treatment.
  • The treatment effect increases if your skin is light but your body hairs are darker. For fair hair types, this treatment procedure is more effective than with other types of lasers.
  • It is not allowed for pregnant women to perform the treatment. Nursing mothers are allowed to carry it out.

  • 25% off for correction after the course of 8 treatments
  • If you buy 5 treatments (subscription certificate) - 10%
  • If you buy 10 treatments (subscription certificate) - 20%
  • Legs entirely (including fingers) + Total bikini CHF 600.-
  • 1/2 of leg (including knee) + Bikini for bathing suit CHF 350.-

Discounts for Soprano Ice diode laser treatments:

  • At the same time, you do 2 body parts per session- 5%
  • At the same time, you do 3 body parts per session- 8%

The cost of the procedure Soprano Ice diode laser: for women

  • Above upper lip from 60.-  to 120.-
  • Chin 80.-
  • Cheeks 90.-
  • Total eyebrows from 80.-  to 100.-
  • Cheeks, temple area and neck 190.-
  • Neck 100.-


  • Armpits 99.-
  • Buttocks from 100.-  to 200.-
  • Bikini for bathing suit from 150.-
  • Total bikini from 240.-  to 300.-
  • Lower back 100.-
  • Upper arm (without shoulder) 150.-
  • Lower arm (including fingers) 150.-
  • Total arms (including fingers) 250.-
  • 1/2 of leg (including knee) 300.-
  • Total legs (including toes) 500.-
  • Toes or fingers from 20.-  to 40.-

The cost of the procedure Soprano Ice diode laser:  for men

  • Eyebrowsfrom 100.-  to 180.-
  • Cheeks and neck 250.-
  • Neck 100.-


  • Shoulders 150.-
  • Armpits 100.-
  • 1/2 hands200.-
  • Hands full (including leverage) 350.-
  • Back (including leverage) from 300.-  to 600.-
  • Chest from 200.-  to 350.-
  • Belly 350.-
  • Torso entirely (back, belly and shoulders)1000.-
  • Area for bathing suit 250.-
  • Buttocks from 200.-  to 250.-
  • Legs entirely (including fingers) from 500.-  to 650.-

Hair removal by wax (single-use)

Wax is selected depending on the treated surface. Hair becomes thinner and softer and grow more slowly. Smooth skin for 3 weeks!

Wax depilation is suitable for both women and men; it is efficient and safe, and as a result you get beautiful, clean and smooth skin.  The method can be used for any area: arms, legs, face and even in such sensitive areas as armpits and bikini area.  

Efficiency. As compared with other methods of hair removal, like shaving, electric epilators, depilating creams, was depilation produces more stable result: from 2 to 3 weeks. If this method of hair removal is used regularly, after some time hair will become considerably thinner, softer and lighter.