Hand and foot care

Beauty for your hands and feet

Be beautiful from head to toe

BLISS Beauty Center will provide excellent care of your hands and feet!

Correct hand care will extend their youth and softness!!!


The cost of the procedure:

  • Manicure for women (manicure with cuticle trimming or machine manicure + varnishing, cream, cuticle oil) 55.-
  • Manicure for women without varnishing 50.-
  • Shellac manicure
  • Shellac covering or removing 50.-
  • Manicure for men (classical manicure, manicure with cuticle trimming + scrub and cream) 50.-
  • Manicure for children (under 12years old, partial manicure, cream, cuticle oil) 25.-
  • Express manicure (nail shape correction + varnishing) 30.-
  • SPA care for hands (scrub, mask or paraffin therapy) 50.-


The cost of the procedure:

  • Pedicure for women (total foot treatment, scrub, cream, varnishing) 100.-
  • Pedicure for women without varnishing 90.-
  • Pedicure for women with Shellac coating (total foot treatment) 120.-
  • Pedicure for men (total foot treatment, foot cream, massage 10 minutes) 100.-
  • Foot reflexology 30 minutes 60.-
  • Foot reflexology 60 minutes 90.-


The cost of the procedure:

  • Extensions gel / acrylic 120.-
  • Correction gel / acrylic 90.-

Glycolic Peel

Surface glycolic peel for intensive rejuvenation / Glycolic peel AG 20%, 35% - Intensive rejuvenation Surface glycolic peel for intensive rejuvenation, gel-based. Glycolic acid is alpha-hydroxy acid from sugar cane; it produces rejuvenating, regenerating and restoring effect. Glycolic acid, an organic acid, rich in vitamins, minerals, vegetable hormones and sugar, stimulates collagen synthesis and cell renewal. The acid is perfect for rejuvenating treatment since it eliminates wrinkles, moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

The cost of the procedure:

  • 40 min90.-