Time reservation for the procedures is carried out according to the preliminary registration on the contact phones of the center: + 41 22 5574303  or sms +41 763944304 , not later than in 1-2 days ahead weekdays, and for the week-ends – not later than in 1-2 weeks.

If for some reasons you could not visit our center at a reserved time, the Administration of the center kindly asks to cancel your visit not later than 24 hours ahead.

  • If you reserved time for treatments with your Gift certificate and refused to visit the centre not informing us at a fixed time ahead, your Gift certificate will be annulled.
  • During preliminary reservation a Client has the right to choose a specialist. You should point out your preferences to the Centre administrator upon time reservation for the treatments.
  • It is recommended to come to the BLISS centre 10 minutes ahead of fixed time of procedure for leaving enough time for clothes changing.
  • Unfortunately, the time of your being late will reduce time of your treatments, as soon as any change in the fixed time-table of our specialists will negatively influence the other clients of our centre.
  • Gentlemen are asked not to shave less than 3 hours before the face-care treatments.
  • We remind you about the necessity to put in your bag your jewelers and watches. If not – the Administration is not responsible for the things left in the bath-robe pockets, on the toilet-tables of the procedure-rooms and in the places of common use.
  • In order to keep the relaxation environment it is not recommended to use mobile telephones as well as to talk loudly.


  • When you paying by Maestro card with any amount of 0%.
  • If you pay by VISA, MasterCard or PostFinance to 100 CHF for the services of the bank added +5%.
  • To avoid misunderstandings we recommend to bring cash.
  • Cost of services you can check with our price list.

Smoking is prohibited in our centre.
The tips for the specialists of the centre are left for the Client’s consideration.

We hope  for  your understanding  and observation of  centre etiquette.
Enjoy relaxation in our centre!