Endospheres Therapy  is shown to tighten and tone muscles and tissues, smooth the skin, improve the structure and sculpt the face and body.

Endospheres is globally recognised and respected treatment of excellence for the whole face and body. Thanks to its revolutionary methods of treatment capable of addressing body and face imperfections (fighting cellulite, reversing the skin’s aging process, smoothing the look and feel of the skin, as a small selection of examples).

Endospheres is a technology that uses an innovative Compressive Microvibration system. A treatment that, through a roller device composed of 55 silicon spheres, generates low-frequency mechanical vibrations. This acts on the main causes of cellulite; lymphatic stasis, the retention of fluids, and the build-up of fat cells.

5 actions in only one treatment:

  • remodeling action: reshapes the silhouette and smooths out wrinkles ;
  • muscle action: tones muscles and firms' tissues ;
  • analgesic action: improves oxygenation and eliminates pain ;
  • draining action: eliminates toxins and aids lymphatic drainage ;
  • vascular action: improves circulation and nourishes tissues.
Endospheres for body: 
  • sculpts the body
  • smoothes cellulite
  • fights heaviness in the legs
  • tones the skin
Endospheres for face: 
  • smoothes wrinkles
  • illuminates the complexion: lack of sleep, reduces bugs under the eyes, erases dark circles, etc
  • relaxes and tones the muscles
  • shapes the lips
  • Thrombophlebitis
  • Pregnancy
  • Any acute diseases
  • Cancer
  • Skin diseases
  • Postoperative period (up to 6 months)

The cost of the procedure:

Any area of your choice: legs, butt, belly, hands, back

  • 50 minCHF 160.-
  • 35 minCHF 140.-
  • if you buy 8 treatments CHF 1120.-
  • if you buy 12 treatments CHF 1500.-

Face and decollate

  • 25 minCHF 80.-
  • if you buy 8 treatments CHF 520.-

The results BEFORE AND AFTER treatment