Thermavein plus

ThermaVein plus: was launched in the UK. It offers the instant, safe treatment for red thread veins often referred to as thread veins or spider veins and medically referred to as “telangiectasia”. ThermaVein Plus delivers a fast and effective walk in walk out total solution for the treatment of red veins and vascular blemishes.

ThermaVein plus: is an effective treatment against:

  • Spider veins
  • Couperose
  • Rosacea with thread veins
  • Vascular spots & blemishes
  • Spider Naevus
  • Papillomas

Thermavein plus is a safe, immediate and precise thermocoagulation process that permanently eliminates redness on the face and legs. Painless and without social isolation, it is suitable for all skin phototypes.

ThermaVein plus is based on a high frequency wave producing a thermal lesion within the vein. A small probe is used, through which a low radiofrequency current of 4Mhz is applied to the skin, changing the consistency of the vein walls so that they stick together and become sealed. Once the veins are sealed, they are gradually re-absorbed by the body’s lymphatic system, leaving the skin clearer than before.

A 0.75mm probe is used, which is equivalent to the width of a human hair, which provides excellent accuracy, minimizes trauma to surrounding tissue, and acts only on the venous wall. The procedure consists of one to two sessions for the face and three to four sessions for the legs. Each session is spaced approximately six weeks apart.

Consequences of thermocoagulation

ThermaVein plus has no side effects and requires no social isolation. Immediately after the session, a small white mark remains which disappears after 24 hours. The patient notices an instantaneous disappearance of the redness. The result will be permanent on the treated area, but will not prevent the appearance of new redness.

The patient immediately returns to normal life and activities and can even expose himself to the sun without the risk of hyperpigmentation.

It is highly recommended to apply a moisturizing cream for a few days after the procedure.

Each person is unique, so during the consultation you will receive detailed information about your own situation.

The cost of the procedure:(CHF):

  • Face from 100.-
  • Other parts of the body from 150.-
  • Consultation 50.-