Beautiful eyes

Making-up is a routine event for many women. However, sometimes we have no time for it or simply don’t feel like it. In this case a lasting eyelash color can become a good substitute of your habitual mascara or eyebrow pencil.

Silk eyelash extension.

Extension by eyelash on eyelash method allows making your eyelashes longer and rendering inimitable look to your eyes.

The cost of the procedure:

  • The first extension 150.-
  • Correction / from 3 to 4 weeks / 120.-

Eye care: Coloring, correction

The cost of the procedure:

  • Coloring: Eyebrows 25.-
  • Coloring: Eyelashes 25.-
  • Coloring: Eyebrows + Eyelashes 45.-
  • Eyebrow correction 25.-
  • Eyebrow coloring and correction 45.-