Hair removal by wax (single-use)

Wax is selected depending on the treated surface. Hair becomes thinner and softer and grow more slowly. Smooth skin for 3 weeks!

Wax depilation is suitable for both women and men; it is efficient and safe, and as a result you get beautiful, clean and smooth skin.  The method can be used for any area: arms, legs, face and even in such sensitive areas as armpits and bikini area.  

Efficiency. As compared with other methods of hair removal, like shaving, electric epilators, depilating creams, was depilation produces more stable result: from 2 to 3 weeks. If this method of hair removal is used regularly, after some time hair will become considerably thinner, softer and lighter.

The cost of the procedure Depilation with single-use wax

  • 1/2 of leg with knee 40.-
  • Total legs 70.-
  • ½ of arm 30.-
  • Total arms 40.-
  • Armpits 15.-
  • Upper lip 10.-
  • Chin 10.-
  • Total face 50.-
  • Bikini for bathing suit 30.-
  • Bikini “integral” 70.-
  • Total legs  + Bikini for bathing suit 85. -
  • Bikini “integral” + Total legs 120.-
  • Back from 40.- to 80.-
  • Chest 50.-