Deincrustation, or galvanic face cleansing

This is a method of deep skin cleansing with the use of weak direct current.

The method allows easy removal of comedones – buildups resulting from pore clogging with a mixture of skin oil, dead cells and microorganisms. There are open and closed comedones. Open comedones are blackheads, which have contact with the environment, while closed comedones are deep-seated whiteheads without contact with the environment.

Comedones not only look bad but, after a certain period of time, start getting inflamed, since skin oil and dead cells are perfect media for microorganism existence and reproduction. This results in ugly pimples, which, depending on the process intensiveness, can leave scars. Therefore, comedones have to be removed promptly, and deincrustation is a very good method for the purpose.

The treatment is suitable even for sensitive skin. Depending on the skin type the cosmetologist chooses optimal deincrustation schedule for each individual. The result is visible after the first treatment, and regular treatments allow forgetting about problem skin for good.