Hydrafacial Clear Skincare

The Hydrafacial Clear Skincare method has a triple effect on the skin - during one procedure, skin cleansing and peeling, comedone extraction, antioxidant therapy and hydration are carried out. During this "all-inclusive" procedure, the skin is simultaneously effectively cleansed under the influence of a vacuum and actively hydrated with various active serums. This results in intense hydration and renewal of the skin, various skin problems are eliminated and anti-aging treatments are provided.

This is an innovative skin care system that gently cares for the skin, solving various skin problems: slows down aging, reduces fine wrinkles, pores, improves skin texture and color , solves the problem of increased pigmentation, helps restore the skin after exposure to active sun, eliminates oily problems, skin prone to rashes, rosacea.

Hydrafacial Clear Skincare technology will allow you to forget about various skin problems and enjoy healthy glowing skin. The technique provides fast, effective and long-term results that you will receive immediately after the procedure!

The cost of the procedure:

  • 50 min.150.-
  • 90 min.180.-