BLISS offers wide selection of Gift Certificates that satisfy even the most exquisite taste, clients’ expectations and budget. Original design of Gift Certificate release you to worry about any additional packaging.

Gift certificate activation rules:

  • Gift certificate is valid for six months from the date of sale which is indicated on the blank of gift certificate.
  • If the total cost of services provided under a Gift certificate is below its face value, the difference will not be refunded. Gift certificate may not be returned or exchanged for money.
  • In order to obtain services under a Gift Certificate beneficiary should make an preliminary appointment by the folowing phone numbers of the center: + 41 225574303 or sms + 41 763944304 not later than in 3-4 days ahead weekdays, and for the week-ends – not later than in 2 weeks.
  • If for some reasons you could not visit our center at a reserved time, the Administration of the center kindly asks to cancel your visit not later than 24 hours ahead.
  • If you reserved time for treatments with your Gift certificate and refused to visit the centre not informing us at a fixed time ahead, your Gift certificate will be annulled.
  • Gift certificate is a proof of advance payment. It gives its holder the right to use BLISS services, total cost of which is equal to the face value of the certificate. The range of available services and their conditions are determined by BLISS (refer to: SPA etiquette)
  • BLISS will provide services upon certificate presence.