“Supple body” is massage for aesthetic treatment of cellulite addressing the causes of its appearance. The massage improves blood circulation and vascular tonicity. It facilitates lymph drainage, curbs inflammation and activates breakdown of fats.

  • 60 min/ 110.-
  • 90 min/ 150.-

“A young mother” is massage aimed at correcting the body with poor skin tonicity; it improves striae and is especially effective on abdomen, thighs, breast, buttocks, inner arms, back and shoulders.

  • 60 min / 110.-
  • 90 min/ 150.-

“Good sleep”: Due to restoring optimal body balance, therapeutic massage helps in solving various problems: relieve general muscular tension and pain, headache, back pain, poor blood circulation, stress and anxiety.

The massage is efficient in elimination of negative signs of ageing appearing in the middle and old age. It help maintaining the body tissues and functions in healthy condition, improves blood and lymph circulation, maintains healthy and smooth skin, improves immune system functions, reduces muscle pains.

The massage facilitates quick rehabilitation after stress and prevents diseases caused by continuous nervous tension, anaesthetizes tender points, relaxes tense muscles, reduces anxiety, normalizes blocked energy flow, improves immune system functions and restores the feeling of peace and wellness.

  • 60 min/ 110.-

“Honey massage” is aimed at cleansing the skin and nourishing it with vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Curative properties of honey have been known since ancient times; therefore today doctors still prescribe plenty of drink and honey in case of sickness.

Thanks to its antiseptic properties honey not only actively removes toxins from the body but also speeds up metabolism, cleanses and nourishes the skin, improves lymph flow resulting in elimination of edema. Honey massage produces warming effect, which is very important in the cold time of year, as well as for treating a number of chronic diseases (pneumonia, bronchitis, arthritis).

Sculpting honey massage, like full-body massage, is done on the entire body; by here more attention is given to problem areas, to sculpting the required shape. It reduces cellulite (“orange peel” effect), evens out and softens the skin. The main areas addressed by honey sculpting massage are abdomen, waist, thighs and buttocks. However, we use individual approach to each guest.

The best results are obtained in case of getting a course of honey massage from a specialist making regular visits at recommended intervals.

Counter-indications for the massage Individual intolerability of beekeeping products

  • Any manifestation of varix dilation
  • Tumors
  • Thyroid diseases
  • Poor blood clotting ability
  • Feverish conditions

We offer our guests 3 kinds of honey massage:

  • full-body honey massage 60 min/ 120.-
  • honey massage of the back 30 min / 70.-
  • sculpting honey massage 60 min/ 120.-

“Classic massage of the back” helps in case of many diseases, negative changes in spinal muscles and backbone, improves blood flow, regenerates damaged tissues, and eliminates muscle edema.

In addition to its curative properties, massage helps psychologically: millions of chemical reactions facilitating generation of endorphins take place in the body during massage. Endorphins directly affect human emotional condition, improve state of mind and reduce pain syndromes.

  • 30 min/ 70.-

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